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POLYPHAGUS SHOTHOLE BORER attack on trees in Johannesburg

Johannesburg’s trees are under threat due to the Polyphagus Shothole Borer ( PSHB ) The list of trees being attacked is getting longer by the week.


We are working very hard with FABI to try and manage this problem and prevent it from devastating our man made forest. Johannesburg is at risk of losing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of trees due to this pest.


The borer is attacking trees and bringing with it a fungus that it deposits into the tunnel it has bored and into its gallery where its young are housed. This fungus that the borer feeds off is what is killing the trees. It is interfering with the trees ability to transport water and nutrients up into its crown.


Die-back can be gradual or quite fast, depending on the tree species. To better understand the problem please read the documents below.

Contact us for treatment options

PSHB - Symptoms

PSHB - Beetle life stages

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