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My career started in 1994 at the age of 20, after nine years as an employee I decided to become my own boss and established TreeWorks in 2000. Over the years I have been able to grow my business to become one of the leading tree maintenance providers in the Johannesburg area. When ones passion becomes ones work it makes every day a pleasure. Today we support tree lovers all over the city and are very fortunate to work in many wonderful gardens throughout Johannesburg and other cities further away. 

Managing Member & Tree Surgeon

Staff Training and Development

Our staff are our best asset. We don’t use people off the street, which as you know is a huge security issue. Our staff are well known to us, are related to one another by family and most have worked in the company since its inception.


We also do regular training and skills development, and are industry leaders in our field.


Call our office today to make use of a professional tree company. Get it done correctly the first time, it’s cheaper, less harmful and the right thing to do! 

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